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Stage Art in the Kindergarten

The younger children of the kindergarten segment may benefit considerably from a customized course adapted to their age group. Children of 4-5 years of age are an amazing theatre audience, because they are good at experiencing and processing the performances. Through the course, your children will be introduced to the stage effects of the theatre, and their sensibility for theatre magic will be primed. 



A theatre pedagogue will join you in the kindergarten and prepare the children for the performance they are about to see. He or she will do so with games and exercises related to the universe of the performance. Then we move on to see the performance which Filiorum has selected for you. Here the recognition of elements from the exercises and games will help the children develop their understanding of the expressions of the theatre. Subsequently the theatre pedagogue will create a framework for reflection on the performance and its plot. Again the children will engage with sensual playful exercises intimately associated with the performance. The exercises will activate the children and give them an opportunity to ground the performance in their bodies, and hence understand and focus on the experience in the darkness of the theatre.


When there is sufficient time to process the specific characteristics of the theatre, its effects, and enchanting universe, going to the theatre will not just be an isolated event soon forgotten by the children. On the contrary, it settles and matures in the children’s consciousness in a more profound way. In a Filiorum context a theatre performance becomes a personal experience that is stored in the children’s memory.


Contact Filiorum for more information on how we could customize a course that would fit your specific needs.


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