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Filiorum has developed the concept ”Stage Art in the Curriculum”. It is Filiorum’s ambition to introduce the pupils to professional stage art at an early stage in their lives. The theatre experience is a fundamental aspect of our education as citizens in a democratic society. The theatre can help us develop modes and skills that we, as individual citizens, can apply in discussions, when we analyze various scenarios, reject attitudes with which we don’t identify, present our own views, and disagree peacefully without animosity.


“Stage Art on the Curriculum” is a course in theatre pedagogics, where the central focus is a professional theatre performance. In a joint effort with the teachers, Filiorum plans and carries out the teaching which consists of pre- and post-performance modules. Filiorum may also prepare suggestions to the teachers in terms of various types of pre- and post-teaching. “Stage Art on the Curriculum” can address several levels of target qualifications, as well as an interdisciplinary focus. Every course is individually designed and prepared for the school in question.


In general, Filiorum presents the theatre performance on the school premises.


Here you can read more about Stage Art on the Curriculum.


Of course school classes are more than welcome at one of Filiorum’s public performances, where the teacher may not need a complete pedagogical course. Instead we can arrange a single follow-up workshop with for instance the actors or a theatre pedagogue.


There are many ways to apply professional stage art in schools. In this context Filiorum is at your service. We offer advice and suggestions to comply with the wishes of your class, your year group, or your school, and in a joint effort we will find a suitable approach.


Workshop Examples:

  • Filiorum arranges workshops for the younger classes, focusing on character-building. An actor will be in charge of this workshop. Using dress rails full of costumes and suitcases with hats, bags, and glasses, he will engage the students in various projects.
  • For the older classes Filiorum arranges for a theatre pedagogue to create a workshop, where the pupils do an in-depth study of a performance. Here the pupils will get an introduction to the non-verbal scenography, and their sympathetic insight into the plot, as well as their understanding of the aesthetics of the stage art will be developed by letting them experiment with the theatre performance, its expressions, and contents.


Contact us for a conversation about the possibility of arranging a course for your school.