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Kindergarten and Pre-school

Kindergarten children and pre-schoolers make wonderful audiences and their senses are wide open. They are direct and spontaneous, and they often respond to the performance with exclamations and “answers” to the plot. As if by second nature, they immediately identify with the characters in the plot, and they are very good at imagining the setting and the environment of the play which, strictly speaking, is not there. “Actually it is just a game of make-believe,” one of our young spectators said in 2013.


Filiorum presents performances for children between the ages of 3-4 years and up to 6-7 years of age. The performances are very suitable for kindergarten and pre-school audiences. The combination of an imaginative, magical universe, and the spontaneous intimacy generated in a small theatre space, where all communication and actions occur directly and in close proximity to the audience, is a wonderful experience to that age group.



The performances for kindergarten children are generally short – approximately 40 minutes. The performances are written, directed, and choreographed with a view to engaging the children’s undivided attention. However, it goes without saying that when kindergarten children and pre-schoolers go to the theatre, there will inevitably be a certain amount of noise and excitement – and that is most welcome.


Filiorum wishes to give kindergartens and pre-school classes in Gentofte the opportunity to experience a professional theatre performance in the local area close to their homes. Filiorum operates as a “pop-up” theatre, always playing in new performance spaces. Do keep an eye on the advertisement display pillars and on our website to stay updated on where and when we next present theatre performances. You can also sign up to receive Filiorum’s newsletter in order to get our updates directly.


Filiorum emphasizes that the audience should have the opportunity to engage with the experience of stage art. We facilitate this experience by workshopping the themes presented in the theatre performance with the children, encouraging them to take ownership of the event, and make it their own. At Filiorum we develop this approach through the initiative “Artistic Laboratories”. The artistic laboratory is quite simply our way of engaging the child and the adult in a workshop where the theatre performance is discussed. The laboratories are developed by art teachers for the specific age groups, which the performances address. We pride ourselves on creating original and inventive activities for you after the theatre event.


Filiorum also arranges visits by an actor to the kindergarten or the pre-school class after the trip to the theatre. In the kindergartens the older children in particular tend to benefit from this type of visit. The actor interacts with the children while teaching and arranging games with them on the subject of theatre. The actor often brings a couple of clothes racks and some large suitcases. On the racks and in the suitcases there is a paradise of paraphernalia for dressing up, and this adds considerably to the children’s understanding what theatre is and what it can do for you. Contact Filiorum for more information.