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Get a visit

Filiorum also offers to pay a visit to your school or kindergarten, and meet you where you and your children interact on a daily basis. We customize various events for you in accordance with your age group and learning purposes. For this reason we have developed the initiatives Stage Art on the Curriculum, Stage Art in the Kindergarten, and The Actor Performs. Contact Filiorum, if you have specific ideas and wishes.


Stage Art on the Curriculum

Stage Art on the Curriculum is Filiorum’s customized course of learning, which introduces the artistic effects and the paraphernalia of the theatre directly to the pupils. Filiorum makes sure that stage art as learning can merge directly with the year plans of the class and meet the requirements for the various steps. Stage art introduces the pupils to ways of expression and aesthetics in a comprehensive unit of written text, spoken language, bodily movement, casting, scenography, lighting, sound/ music, and space.


Through this course the school has the opportunity to introduce the pupils to the surrounding society and the local association activities, as intended in the reform of the Danish Folkeskole (the Danish municipal primary and lower-secondary school). Read more about Stage Art on the Curriculum here.



Stage Art in the Kindergarten

The younger children in kindergarten may also benefit from a tailor-made course adapted to their age group. Through this course they will be introduced to the effects and the magic of the theatre. A theatre pedagogue will visit the kindergarten and prepare the children for the performance through exercises and games. After the show the theatre pedagogue creates a framework that enables the children to understand and unlock the potential of the performance they have just seen. The central themes are processed for instance via exercises, where the body is activated. Contact Filiorum for more information or read more about Stage Art in the Kindergarten here.



The Actor Performs

Filiorum moreover offers to arrange a visit to kindergartens or pre-school classes by an actor. In the kindergartens the sectors with older children tend to be in focus. The actor interacts with the children and teaches them about the theatre/ plays theatre games with them. The actor typically brings along a couple of clothes racks and some large suitcases – on the racks and in the suitcases you find a paradise of paraphernalia for dressing up. Invariably the result is that the children develop a strong sensibility for the acting process. Contact Filiorum for more information.



Workshop Courses

We also customize other types of stage art courses, where we visit you in your institution. Contact Filorum, if you have specific ideas or wishes.