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Going to the theatre together is always an experience for the young as well as the adults

Often the adult tends to experience the theatre performance through the child’s perspective. The adult constantly watches the child, smiles when the child smiles, laughs when he or she laughs, and witnesses the child’s absorption into the magical world of the theatre. The cohesion is everywhere apparent – you share an experience. To many adults it is a surprise that theatre performed for children and young adults to a great extent also appeals to adults! An older visual artist was invited to a performance for children between the ages of 5 and 12 years. She still refers to it with the words: “What a performance – it will stay with me to the end of my days!” 

The professional theatre is quite simply a fascinating experience to a child and we should introduce them to this world as early as possible. The parents of a two-year-old boy said: “Well, he was totally absorbed by the plot for the entire duration of the play.” When leaving the performance space, another boy looked up at his mother, his cheeks ablaze, and said: “Mummy, how often can we come here?”



Filiorum presents performances to children of many ages. The performances are created to appeal to specific age groups and they are choreographed and directed with a view to captivating the children’s undivided attention.


We present performances to children between the ages of 0 and 4 years. And yes, surprisingly a six-months-old baby gets quite a lot out of a performance created for the young. The light changes as does the sound, whether the focus be on music or speech. Moreover, the movements of the bodies on the stage are fascinating to a six-months-old baby. The child of 2 years and six months also benefits considerably from the light, the music, the movements of the bodies. However, this child has already progressed to new sensory and cognitive levels. Hence the six-months-old baby and the child of 2 years and six months will not share the same experience – each one of them will have an experience that is entirely their own, as will the adult person. The performances for the youngest tend to be short – approximately 30 minutes.


Filiorum also presents theatre performances for children between the ages of 3 and 7. Children in that age group are eminent theatre-goers, who immediately interact spontaneously with the performance and the actors. “He is behind the door!!” a child in this age group may warn an actor. Performances for children in this category last approximately 40 minutes.


Filiorum also presents performances for children from 8 years upwards. At this stage children are already very aware of their identity, and to them the experience of theatre art differs from that of the younger children. In this situation, Filiorum strongly believes that the stage art should function as a location in space and time, where the world opens up – a place where living human beings really kiss – not just like in the movies. A boy in the first row turned towards his father and said: “Wow, dad, they are really sweating a lot!” Performances for children from 8 to +13 years of age last approximately one hour.



Filiorum wishes to give children and their significant adults an opportunity to experience a professional and intimate theatre option locally and close to their homes. The trip to the theatre should preferably not last longer than the actual theatre experience. Filiorum operates as a “pop-up” theatre, almost always playing in new performance spaces. So do keep an eye on the local advertisement display pillars, and on our website to stay updated on where and when we next present theatre performances. You can also sign up to receive Filiorum’s newsletter and get our updates directly.