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Day Nursery and Day-care

Filiorum would like to give children the opportunity to experience professional theatre from an early age, and participate in the imaginative and magical universe of the theatre in an intimate setting with around 60 seats.

A visit to the theatre is a special occasion characterized by close-up live performances by actors who sing, dance, and unfold a story designed for specific age groups.


Filiorum presents professional stage art specifically designed to the youngest generation. Some performances are addressed to children in the age group 0-4. A baby of 6 months may naturally derive pleasure from the many impressions of light, sound, and bodies in motion.


The performances designed for the youngest children are usually of short duration – approximately thirty minutes – and the performances are choreographed or directed with a view to captivating the children’s attention throughout the event. An educator at kindergarten level, who had taken her children to a Filiorum performance, said: “There was no disturbance among the children during the performance. That is very rare.” To her it was an eye opener to see the children sit quietly and completely absorbed throughout the performance.




Filiorum emphasizes that the audience should have the opportunity to engage with the experience of stage art. We facilitate this experience by workshopping the themes presented in the performance with the children, encouraging them to take ownership of the event and make it their own.


In terms of the babies, ”workshopping” may sound far-fetched – but simply playing the music accompanying the performance at home while dancing, gently rocking to and fro to the rhythm, helps the child process and absorb the impressions of the theatre.


It is a very good idea to give the children paper and crayons and let them draw their experiences in the theatre, and re-tell the storyline of the play as they experienced it. Adults and children often have radically different experiences of the theatre events, and the adult person’s first priority should be to help the child define his or her own experience. The best way to do this is to listen to the children, ask questions, put our own views on hold, and let the young generation find their own answers. Art asks the questions, and the children formulate their own answers.


At Filiorum we introduce various types of ”artistic laboratories”. The Artistic Laboratory is quite simply our way of engaging the child and the adult in a workshop, where the theatre performance is discussed. The laboratories are developed by art teachers for the specific age group, which the performance addresses. We pride ourselves on creating original and inventive activities for you after the actual theatre event.



Filiorum offers you the opportunity to experience a professional theatre performance in the local area close to your home. Filiorum operates as a “pop-up” theatre, always playing in new performance spaces. Do keep an eye on the local advertisement display pillars, and on our website to stay updated on where and when we next present theatre performances. You can also sign up to receive Filiorum’s newsletter and get our updates directly.