Clarissa Meister-Petersen

Founder and Leader

For as long as I can remember, I have been exposed to and sought out art and culture. During my entire life I have been devoted to art and culture and experienced how these have sustained me, and influenced my perspectives on life. My enthusiasm and drive, a fair share of entrepreneurial spirit, as well as the belief that all children will be enriched by encounters with art as early and as often as possible, have inspired me to found Filiorum.


I studied politics and economy, and I have an MA in Political Science. I have worked in the field of developmental politics in the USA as well as in Indonesia. Moreover, I was a relief worker in the reconstruction process after the 2004 tsunami, where I, among other things, focused on positioning the roles of art and sports on an equal footing with those of latrines and barracks. Furthermore, I have worked as a government official in the Danish Ministry of Culture and in the Danish Ministry of Business and Growth.


Children need to have their imagination acknowledged and to have the notion confirmed that “everything is possible”. It is my firm belief that we can provide our children with these affirmations by exposing them to art at an early stage in their lives. Young people must be taught alternative ways of learning and be encouraged to use their entire body, when they learn. The future will require a workforce, which to a great extent consists of innovative and creative people. Stage art can help build and support such competences.


It is a great pleasure, an important task, as well as an honour to run Filiorum.

Sune Bjørnvig

I am a communications adviser and a coach and I work at the consultancy 3rddimension in Hellerup north of Copenhagen, Denmark. I have a master’s degree in political science from the University of Copenhagen, Copenhagen Business School, and the University of Stockholm. However, I have also been apprenticed as an actor and director, and while I studied I participated in professional stage plays. To me theatre art is about mediating a message with a carefully premeditated stage direction which grabs the audience and takes them on a magic carpet ride. Dramaturgical insight and the concrete communication tools of the theatre are useful to everyone, and my experiences from the theatre world are of daily use to me in my work as a consultant in management communication. To me the theatre association Filiorum is an important offer to children and young people, who in my opinion should be introduced to high quality theatre performances just like they are introduced to lots of television for children and young people. If their parents should make the choice of repeatedly taking their children to the theatre, the offer must be really good. And Filiorum’s carefully selected plays do meet a very high standard.

Malene Roose Bagh

Malene Roose Bagh

On a daily basis I work as a lawyer. After hours I often go to the theatre, and I love the ballet. From an early age my parents took me to the theatre, and as a mother of two young boys I appreciate the importance of introducing children and young people to significant artistic experiences, including quality theatre. Education begins at an early stage. In that sense it is a great pleasure for me to participate in the board work at Filiorum, and thereby help to develop and support the experience of attentive presence in the theatre for the benefit of our next generation. 

Kirsten Kierkegaard

I am a lawyer, and for the better part of my professional life I have worked in the field of copyright law, specializing in artistic works. I began my career as a copyright lawyer in The Danish Authors’ Society and later I worked in the Copyright Organization Copy-Dan, where I was in charge of legal affairs for a number of years. For 16 years I was a member of the municipal board in Gentofte municipality. I left this post at the end of 2013 in order to have more quality time with my family and to cultivate my interests. I am a member of a number of boards, including those of the Bellevue Theatre and the Garderhøjfort. I have three adult children and 12 grandchildren, all living in Gentofte.


With the advent of Filiorum we now have a local quality theatre that provides our children with events of high artistic quality. We hope that the theatre will contribute to the development of their imagination, as well as the expansion of their world picture, and inspire them to have good conversations with their adult significant others. We firmly believe that the impressions children receive in childhood will inspire them to return to the theatre as adults in order to reflect on themselves and the wonderful world that surrounds us.

Frederik Andersen

Frederik Andersen

Via Filiorum I have experienced the magical effects of the theatre on children and young adults. Experiencing stage art with my daughters is quite amazing, and I wish all parents could have that opportunity. In our technological day and age it is a gift that artists are creating relevant live performances for children and young people. I wish to contribute to the continued success and growth of Filiorum by using my experiences from the corporate world. I am a Director in the Purchasing Section of EET Europarts, a pan-European distributor of accessories and parts for computers, tablets, and mobile phones. During the last 15 years I have primarily lived and worked abroad in among other places Madrid, London, and most recently north of Cape Town. In Cape Town my family and I lived on a farm and I worked as purchasing manager in a product area of EET Europarts.