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Filiorum presents professional stage art for children and young adults

Filiorum is a pop-up theatre performance space with seasonal “mini theatre festivals” for children and youngsters in the age group from 0-16 years.


Our mantra is “time for theatre”, and we build universes up around the theatre experience, thereby extending and processing the performances. Among other things, we take the magic from the theatre space to our “Artistic Laboratory”, specifically created for the performance and its intended age group. Here old and young hands co-operate on the creation of a self-made art work. Above and beyond our festival format, Filiorum also visits schools and kindergartens with our courses Stage Art on the Curriculum and Stage Art in the Kindergarten.

Ticket Info

Buy a ticket to a performance via or


It is also possible to buy tickets at the entrance, if there are any seats left (check with our ticket suppliers for vacant seats – we would be sorry to see you arrive in vain with your child to a sold out performance…). If you buy the tickets at the door, you can pay with Dancard, mobile pay or cash.


If you want to buy tickets for a group or an institution, please contact our Sales Manager Niels Helløe Christensen on this e-mail:

Filiorum for...



Vuggestuer og dagplejer

Day Nursery and Day-care

Børnehaver og børnehaveklasser

Kindergarten and Pre-school



Get a visit

Filiorum also offers to pay a visit to your school or kindergarten, and meet you where you and your children interact on a daily basis. We customize various events for you in accordance with your age group and learning purposes. For this reason we have developed the initiatives Stage Art on the Curriculum, Stage Art in the Kindergarten, and The Actor Performs. Contact Filiorum, if you have specific ideas and wishes.

Stage Art on the Curriculum is Filiorum’s customized course of learning, which introduces the artistic effects and the paraphernalia of the theatre directly to the pupils. Filiorum makes sure that stage art as learning can merge directly with the year plans of the class and meet the requirements for the various steps. Stage art introduces the pupils to ways of expression and aesthetics in a comprehensive unit of written text, spoken language, bodily movement, casting, scenography, lighting, sound/ music, and space.

Through this course the school has the opportunity to introduce the pupils to the surrounding society and the local association activities, as intended in the reform of the Danish Folkeskole (the Danish municipal primary and lower-secondary school).


The younger children in kindergarten may also benefit from a tailor-made course adapted to their age group. Through this course they will be introduced to the effects and the magic of the theatre. A theatre pedagogue will visit the kindergarten and prepare the children for the performance through exercises and games. After the show the theatre pedagogue creates a framework that enables the children to understand and unlock the potential of the performance they have just seen. The central themes are processed for instance via exercises, where the body is activated.


Filiorum moreover offers to arrange a visit to kindergartens or pre-school classes by an actor. In the kindergartens the sectors with older children tend to be in focus. The actor interacts with the children and teaches them about the theatre/ plays theatre games with them. The actor typically brings along a couple of clothes racks and some large suitcases – on the racks and in the suitcases you find a paradise of paraphernalia for dressing up. Invariably the result is that the children develop a strong sensibility for the acting process.


We also customize other types of stage art courses, where we visit you in your institution.


Visit us

Filiorum is a pop-up theatre performance space, which does not have a permanent stationary stage. We pop up approximately four times a year on various “stages” in the Gentofte municipality north of Copenhagen. During the autumn, at Christmas, during the winter holidays, and in the spring we present carefully selected performances.

Besøg os

This is where we pop up

Det Gamle Kapel

The Old Chapel

The Old Chapel (Det Gamle Kapel) at C.V.E Knuths Vej in Hellerup will be tranformed to a beautiful framework for Filorums Christmas performance Angels in the Snow. Designed by Andreas

Clemmensen, the chapel was built in 1913-1914, and has for a number of years been closed to the public. Now the historical building re-opens its doors to the citizens and provides children and adults alike with the opportunity to enjoy a very special Christmas experience.


The Old Chapel offers easy access by public transport (train to Hellerup Station and bus to Bernstorffsvej) as well as free parking, restrooms, and facilities for those who walk with difficulty.

C.V.E Knuths Vej 5
2900 Hellerup


The Royal Shooting Range Sølyst is the enchanting framework of Filiorum’s autumn theatre. With a view to Øresund and the former royal summer residence as stage and backdrop, Filiorum presents an entire day of theatre, artistic laboratory, coffee and cakes, treasure hunt, and much more.


Public transport provides good logistics (train to Klampenborg Station and bus to Strandvejen) as well as excellent free parking. Sølyst has handicap friendly bathroom facilities as well as wheelchair access. 

Emiliekildevej 2
2930 Klampenborg


The large old patrician villa on Duntzfelts Allé is a centre of the teaching of art in Gentofte. The house is full of life 24/7 and populated by children, music, and creative activities. During several of our mini festivals Filiorum turns Kulturskolerne into a pop-up theatre performance space. We decorate and transform the lower floor to a Filiorum universe, where the magic of the theatre shines through.


There are good transport logistics with public transport (train to Hellerup Station and bus to Strandvejen) as well as excellent free parking. The Culture Schools’ elevator provides access for the handicapped to the theatre auditorium and a handicap-friendly toilet.

Duntzfelts Allé 8
2900 Hellerup