A theatre festival in the autumn holidays

The autumn holidays 2016

Performances, lunch, and a boost of the imagination for the entire family during the autumn vacation



In keeping with our tradition, Filiorum transforms Sølyst in Klampenborg to a wonderful autumn universe with exciting experiences engaging all the senses, including rich opportunities for play and absorption during the autumn holidays. Four days with four different performances for children and their families will create unforgettable events that boost your imagination.
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Filiorum is a pop-up theatre performance space, which does not have a permanent stationary stage. We pop up approximately four times a year on various “stages” in the Gentofte municipality north of Copenhagen. During the autumn, at Christmas, during the winter holidays, and in the spring we present carefully selected performances.

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Filiorum also offers to pay a visit to your school or kindergarten, and meet you where you and your children interact on a daily basis. We customize various events for you in accordance with your age group and learning purposes. For this reason we have developed the initiatives Stage Art on the Curriculum, Stage Art in the Kindergarten, and The Actor Performs. Contact Filiorum, if you have specific ideas and wishes.

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Vuggestuer og dagplejer

Day Nursery and Day-care

Børnehaver og børnehaveklasser

Kindergarten and Pre-school



Stage Art on the Curriculum is Filiorum’s offer to schools who wish to include professional stage art in the teaching. We customize a complete course adapted to the relevant class level and focused on a carefully selected performance, including pre- and post-performance workshops by Filiorum’s theatre pedagogue. The event takes place at your school/ institution.



Filiorum har sammen med Folketeatret skabt initiativet for børn og unge U - teater for dig

U-teater for dig er navnet på Folketeatrets initiativ for børn og unge - for ja, U er teater for dig. Det er Filiorum-håndplukkede forestillinger for de 0-16 årige og deres voksne. Det er i Nørregade, tæt, tæt på Nørreport station - så det er super nemt at komme til. Det er på en lille, intim scene så vi alle kommer helt tæt på kunsten og spillerne og ikke kan lade være med at blive smittet af finurlighederne. Vi glæder os til at slippe magien løs!

Folketeatret U-teater for dig

Filiorum udvalgt til prestigefyldt udviklingsprogram

2. December 2015

Den globale non-profit organisation Reach for Change har udpeget pop-up-teatret Filiorum i Hellerup som en af blot syv danske deltagere til internationalt udviklingsprogram for børn og unge.

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Vil du høre mere om Filiorums arrangementer, forestillinger, se billeder, modtage links til trailers, læse gode citater og anden visdom, så skriv dig op til vores nyhedsbrev.



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Can you imagine a better purpose to support than an entire generation of curious young citizens of the world? Now your company can be affiliated with the mediation of high artistic quality to children and young adults. As a sponsor you assist Filiorum in putting the next generations on the top of the agenda.

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By supporting Filiorum you contribute to making professional stage art a more frequent event in the daily lives of children and young people. It is wonderful to think that a contribution to Filiorum is also a contribution to the coming generations of young innovative, creative and democratic players in our society.

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Art Angels are Filiorum’s voluntary dedicated ambassadors who, among other activities, help spread the news of Filiorum’s performances to people of all ages. Join in the impulse to open the eyes of your local community to the magic of stage art by becoming a part of the Art Angel Flock. Come fly with us!

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